Inaugural Vintage


Alcohol 12.8% by volume
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Awe Wines - 750mL
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2017 Release

The Olenik Vineyard is located in the Northern Willamette Valley and consists of volcanic and sedimentary soils. The elevation is 480 ft and covered with fractured basalt rock, ranging from pebbles to boulders.

The winter gave way to a relatively cool and wet spring compared to the last few vintages. The spring warmed up with record heat in late May that initiated flowering at Olenik. The flowering produced complex clusters. The 2017 growing season was overall significantly warmer than the long-term average, delivering an abundance of fruit with a nice development of sugars, acids and other phenolic compounds.


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Current Vintage

Awe Wines - 2017 Pinot Noir


Alcohol 13.1% by volume
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Awe Wines - 750mL